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Is performance in sports more mental than physical?


How important is your mental preparation for your current and future athletic performance?

Well, if you are choking under pressure and cannot execute your well-trained skills, your sport is 100%

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How important mental preparation is for you?

Imagine that we have a blender and inside that blender, you poor your abilities as an athlete.  Your performance in sport is the smoothie from what we can pour inside that blender Your Performance is a mix of...

Physical Preparation

Your physical fitness, sport-related motor skills, and technical level to perform your abilities.

Tactical Training 

Your ability to use strategies to win the competition and anticipate the opponent's strategies..

Mental Preparation

To bring out the best of your abilities during the critical moments of competition. 

Let’s say we are pouring those three main athletic traits into the blender and mixing everything together. The result of the mix is where you are right now.

So, your mental preparation to perform your best during competitions is one of the main ingredients. But your mental training program can also include skills to help you improve in each of those other areas such as learning sport skills faster, implementing your tactical training, and maximizing the gains from your physical training which will also contribute to your better athletic performance. 

Mental aspects of performance include:

  • A set of skills to help you to manage how you respond to emotions elicited during the competitions and help you focus your attention on what is relevant to performance. 
  • A set of skills to help you retain the learning from successful experiences and reappraise and let go of memories from unsuccessful experiences. 
  • A set of skills to help you develop the thinking habits that will increase your confidence. 

Physical aspects of performance


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Tactical aspects of performance include

Skills to help you implement your strategic planning

Now, look inside that box where you mixed your physical abilities, your tactical training, and your mental preparation, and answer the question to yourself: 

¿How important is it to work on your mental preparation to help you achieve your performance-related goals?

Mental training is not only about the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of competition. 

Every athlete has other life commitments, such as relationships, school, and work, and every time those commitments are broken, it drains your energy, divides your attention, and indirectly influences your athletic performance. 

Mental training also has a set of skills to help athletes plan, organize, and set priorities, so athletes can achieve their goals and lower the stress of having a full plate in life.

Hi, I'm Andrea Dias

I am trained and certified in psychophysiological approaches to sports performance. As a mental performance consultant, I received a master’s degree in general psychology with a sport and performance psychology specialization. Also, I am a Sports Performance Consultant certified by the American Board of Sport Psychology, which includes training in Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.

As a professional athlete, I traveled worldwide and competed for more than ten years representing Hawaii and the USA in the Bodyboarding World Tour. My experience as an athlete gives me insight into the world of sports, and graduate schools do not teach you that. 

If you are an athlete that knows the importance of mental training I invite you to Book a Free Online Consultation.

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