Are you mentally prepared to perform at your best?


Even though athletes acknowledge the importance of being mentally prepared, most of them do not work on their mental preparation.

Your mind can be your best asset or your biggest opponent

What is holding you back and hiding your true potential? Your emotions? Your nerves? Your expectations?

Mental training is NOT about achieving the ideal mental state to perform well, mental training IS about performing your best under any emotional state or circumstances. 

And you can show your best performance in any circumstance by choosing how you respond to the challenges you face. You manage your responses by choosing your thoughts, choosing your behaviors, and re-adjusting your physiological responses. 

Mental Training and Biofeedback Training

Mental Training is a method to enhance athletic performance using techniques such as psychological (mental) skills training, mind-body awareness, and self-regulation training. To help athletes restore or optimize performance, we implement some tools from stress management and biofeedback. 

Mental Skills

Training your mind in sports

Includes a set of learned skills that help athletes regulate thoughts, feelings, and actions during practices and competitions, leading to better performance and enjoyment in the sport. Athletes of all ages and levels, from Olympians to recreational athletes train their minds to become more successful in the sport. However, the gains from mental training depend on how well athletes use the process and put into practice what they learn.

Stress Management

Not so much and not so little

Stress can boost performance, but it also can impair performance and can affect the individual's health adversely. Increasing workload and stress at manageable levels followed by optimal rest and recovery is our goal. Mind-body awareness using biological feedback with sophisticated equipment reveals athletes' default responses, so they can fine-tune their new responses under pressure leading to maximal effort and functional relaxation alternating during elite and efficient athletic performance. 


Seeing inside your body

High stress causes symptoms such as mind racing, difficulty concentrating, cold/sweaty hands/feet, as well feeling tense/uptight which leads to errors, mistakes, and poor performance. And in extreme cases, those responses can lead to panic that impairs graceful and fluid movements increasing the chances of injury. Biofeedback is like a mirror showing the physiological stress reactions to help athletes develop self-awareness and train the responses that maximize performance under pressure.

About me

Hello, I am Andrea!

As a mental performance consultant, I received a master’s degree in sport and  performance psychology. Also, I am a Sport Psychology Consultant certified by the American Board of Sport Psychology and a Biofeedback practitioner certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). 

As a professional athlete, I traveled worldwide and competed for more than ten years representing Hawaii and the USA in the Bodyboarding World Tour. My experience as an athlete gives me first-hand insight into the joy and happiness of winning as well as the agony and embarrassment of defeat. No graduate schools can teach you that. 

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The competitive arena is an intimidating environment and when the pressure is on, the traditional solutions from psychology do not produce the desired result. The services I offer include tools from psychological skills training, stress management techniques, and biofeedback technologies to help athletes manage their energy levels and show superior performance.

Self-Paced Mental Training

Introduction to Mental training

Mental Training Package

Be the best you can be!

Mental Training for Teams

Helping your team win!

 Mental Training is training, and the skills must be practiced until they become automatic. Mental Training is NOT therapy for athletes. Mental Training is NOT a motivational talk prior to competitions. Mental Training is NOT positive thinking. Mental Training is NOT synonymous with breath training (although biofeedback might include respiratory training).


Mental and Biofeedback Training


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