Complete Mental Training Package


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On the mental training package, we can address specific concerns the athlete has, such as performance anxiety, improving confidence, improving focus and concentration, and others. Or, we can pick a performance goal for the season and work on the mental preparation to achieve that goal. It consists of the initial evaluation and six sessions online or in-person to work on the athlete's needs. The skills to improve elements of an athlete's performance can include psychological skills training/ developing mind-body awareness, and self-regulation skills. Last, regeneration and recovery are extremely important to high performance and athletes will learn to use reliable apps and devices to track the intensity of training and avoid dysfunctional overreaching. 


Mental Pathways To Peak Performance


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The Mental Pathways to Peak Performance is an online self-paced mental training program. It is better for athletes who were never introduced to mental training and want to work on their own. The mental training package has five fundamental mental skills to be introduced over six weeks, and the athlete will also be able to schedule three 30 minutes online sessions for some extra help implementing the skills. The package will help athletes assess their own resources and set realistic and attainable goals. Athletes will learn to manage their strongest opponent; their minds. Also, learn to manage their energy levels to perform their best and direct their attention to what is relevant to performance.


Mental Training Package for Teams


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Often, coaches are too busy coaching the physical elements of sport performance, and there is no one to help athletes with their mental preparation. In the ideal world, the sport psychology professional would assess and work with each team member individually, but it would be time-consuming and expensive. However, with some basic mental training building blocks, athletes can be better equipped to deal with competitive pressure and show peak performances more often. The coach's package includes the assessment using the mental game checklist or working on any other specific mental or biofeedback skills the coach may choose to address the team's specific needs. It includes eight sessions of 45 minutes with the team and two assessments during competitions.


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