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The goal is "NOT" to achieve the “ideal mental state" to perform well, the goal "IS" to perform well under “any emotional state”. Mental Training can help you perform your best under any conditions or circumstances.  


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Dear Coach, 

It’s great to meet you online, and congratulations on taking steps to help your team. 

I know that athletes are always motivated to succeed, grow, and improve as individuals. However, for many reasons, sometimes we face multiple barriers that stop us from achieving our dreams.

My job is to teach mental skills that will help athletes that are being defeated by mental blocks, such as anxious thoughts, fears, high expectations, destructive self-talk, lack of time, poor concentration, or low confidence. The sport psychology interventions (the mental training program) will help athletes overcome those barriers. Mental skills are “the tools” athletes develop to achieve peak performance.

My work is within performance settings, and the goal is to help athletes understand, measure, and strive to improve elements of their performance. It does not include diagnosis or treatment of pathologies such as depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and problems with body image or performance enhancement drugs. If later some mental issues come up, I will help athletes find the best professional to address their concerns.

Now, based on the information you provided, download the mental game checklist to assess the main areas your team can work on. The next step is to develop a mental training program to address each of those areas. 

You will also receive an email with some tips to help your athletes build a positive attitude and enhance your energy, optimism, and enthusiasm.


Book your Free Consultation Call to prepare your athletes for the competitive pressure

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The mental game checklist is an indication of the areas that must be practiced during the week until the next competition. 


Download the mental game checklist

Your Mental Game Checklist

Success is about developing your skills to the highest level and constantly trying to be better than yourself

 Always keep working hard towards your goals and find areas where you can improve.

Mental training includes strategies to help athletes cope with performance anxiety, change thoughts and beliefs, train the physical and emotional reactions to stressors, manage anger, manage time, improve concentration and focus, and other skills to help athletes deal with roadblocks during their career.

The mental game checklist can help individual athletes or teams examine the psychological and physical factors that help maximize performance. Each athlete can use the list as a self-assessment prior to competition. Then, the list is reviewed sometime after the competition, and the athletes or team can work on the mental skills needed to achieve higher scores (improve the mental game). 

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"Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself"

- Willian Faulkner


Hello, I am Andrea!

As a mental performance consultant, I received a master’s degree in general psychology with a sport and performance psychology specialization. Also, I am a Sports Performance Consultant certified by the American Board of Sport Psychology, which includes training in Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.

As a professional athlete, I traveled worldwide and competed for more than ten years representing Hawaii and the USA in the Bodyboarding World Tour. My experience as an athlete gives me insight into the world of sports, and graduate schools do not teach you that. 

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