✋ DON'T BE FOOLED: MENTAL PERFORMANCE COACHES EXPLAINED mental performance coaches mental performance consultant mental preparation sport psychology professional sport psychophysiology Jun 20, 2023

Being trained in psychophysiological approaches to sport performance means that we look at hormones influence on performance, genetics influence on performance, circadian rhythms and sleep, and neurophysiological/physiological mechanisms of stress response and its impact on athletic performance...

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PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY AND BIOFEEDBACK; HOW DOES IT WORK TO IMPROVE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE? biofeedback training change thoughts emotional reaction mental skills mental training mindset peak performance sport psychophysiology stress management Jul 15, 2022

Psychophysiology is the science that looks at the interactions between the bodily and mental processes in conjunction with the environment. For example, if you are undertrained, and you need to compete today under challenging conditions (long match and against a strong opponent), of course, you...

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