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‚úč DON'T BE FOOLED: MENTAL PERFORMANCE COACHES EXPLAINED mental performance coaches mental performance consultant mental preparation sport psychology professional sport psychophysiology Jun 20, 2023

Being trained in psychophysiological approaches to sport performance means that we look at hormones influence on performance, genetics influence on performance, circadian rhythms and sleep, and neurophysiological/physiological mechanisms of stress response and its impact on athletic performance...

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HOW TO BECOME A CHAMPION; THE SECRET OF MENTAL PREPARATION athletic performance biofeedback training mental preparation mental training May 14, 2023

Athletes know that to be successful, they need good physical training, but it is only a tiny part of what is required to become a successful athlete. Unfortunately, many good athletes fail to continue a career in sports because they do not realize that they also need good mental preparation to...

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MIND TO MUSCLE, AND MUSCLE TO MIND STRATEGIES THAT WORK athletic performance mental preparation mind to muscle muscle to mind stress management Sep 15, 2022

The “muscle-to-mind” and “mind-to-muscle” are stress management strategies that help athletes manage their activation levels and performance anxiety. Mind-to-muscle means that relaxation goes from the brain to muscle, and some examples are meditation, visualization, and...

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IMPLEMENTING A MENTAL TRAINING PROGRAM athletic performance cognitive function manage emotions mental preparation mental skills sport psychology therapy for athletes Nov 16, 2021

We can train our brains to improve cognitive function, and motivation, manage emotions, and improve our interpersonal skills, which leads to better performance in sports and life in general. The methods and techniques to train our brains are psychological skills training programs (mental...

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