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STRESS IS NOT A BAD WORD; IT IS PART OF BEING HUMAN. HOW YOU HANDLE IT IS THE KEY. acute stress response biofeedback chronic stress fight or flight stress management May 26, 2023

When there is a challenge (stressor), there is a response from the body to deal with the situation; we call it the stress response. SIMPLE! But sadly, society taught us to be afraid of being stressed; if we notice the physical signs of stress, we panic, intensifying the response.

In reality, we...

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MINDSET, MENTAL SKILLS, MENTAL TRAINING, MENTAL HEALTH athletes mental health biofeedback mental skills mental toughness mental training mental training professionals mindset Sep 15, 2022

Mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. Your mindset can help or diminish your performance during competitions.

Mental Skills is the set of learned skills that help athletes regulate thoughts, feelings, and actions during practices and competitions.


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EXERCISE, COMPETITIVE SPORT, OVER-TRAINING, AND MENTAL HEALTH athletic performance autonomic balance biofeedback biomarkers hrv mental health overtraining Aug 15, 2022

Exercise at mild or moderate levels is beneficial to your physical and mental health. Unfortunately, all the benefits will not occur if the training load is increased beyond a certain point. Overreaching is good; athletes must stress the body above what is required for general fitness to...

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THE MIND AND BODY IS ONE athletic performance biofeedback body mind psychophysiology sports performance Jan 15, 2022

We usually think of “Mind” and “Body” as two separate entities. However, our thinking and physiological responses are not separated. The Mind and Body are NOT two separated kingdoms. Mind-body is one, interdependent on each other. Psychophysiology is the science that...

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