DEFEATED? WHAT DO YOU SAY TO YOURSELF? confidence failures mental preparation self-esteem success Mar 13, 2024

The competition is over, and some athletes or teams are successful, but others still ruminate about the defeat and mistakes made. However, success in sports goes beyond losing and winning. Sometimes, the athlete and/or a team loses the contest, but the individual or the group may have performed...

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✋ DON'T BE FOOLED: MENTAL PERFORMANCE COACHES EXPLAINED mental performance coaches mental performance consultant mental preparation sport psychology professional sport psychophysiology Jun 20, 2023

Being trained in psychophysiological approaches to sport performance means that we look at hormones influence on performance, genetics influence on performance, circadian rhythms and sleep, and neurophysiological/physiological mechanisms of stress response and its impact on athletic performance...

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STRESS IS NOT A BAD WORD; IT IS PART OF BEING HUMAN. HOW YOU HANDLE IT IS THE KEY. acute stress response biofeedback chronic stress fight or flight stress management May 26, 2023

When there is a challenge (stressor), there is a response from the body to deal with the situation; we call it the stress response. SIMPLE! But sadly, society taught us to be afraid of being stressed; if we notice the physical signs of stress, we panic, intensifying the response.

In reality, we...

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HOW TO BECOME A CHAMPION; THE SECRET OF MENTAL PREPARATION athletic performance biofeedback training mental preparation mental training May 14, 2023

Athletes know that to be successful, they need good physical training, but it is only a tiny part of what is required to become a successful athlete. Unfortunately, many good athletes fail to continue a career in sports because they do not realize that they also need good mental preparation to...

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A JOURNEY OF TRIUMPHS AND SETBACKS: Athlete's Treasure 5th Anniversary mental skills sport psychology business years in business Apr 16, 2023

Celebrating Athlete’s Treasure 5th Anniversary. It all began in 2014 when two wonderful coaches, Tita and Sandra, gave me the opportunity to share a few mental skills with their team and complete my first internship in Sport Psychology. Fast forward to April 2018, my husband supported me in...

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MINDSET, MENTAL SKILLS, MENTAL TRAINING, MENTAL HEALTH athletes mental health biofeedback mental skills mental toughness mental training mental training professionals mindset Sep 15, 2022

Mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. Your mindset can help or diminish your performance during competitions.

Mental Skills is the set of learned skills that help athletes regulate thoughts, feelings, and actions during practices and competitions.


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MIND TO MUSCLE, AND MUSCLE TO MIND STRATEGIES THAT WORK athletic performance mental preparation mind to muscle muscle to mind stress management Sep 15, 2022

The “muscle-to-mind” and “mind-to-muscle” are stress management strategies that help athletes manage their activation levels and performance anxiety. Mind-to-muscle means that relaxation goes from the brain to muscle, and some examples are meditation, visualization, and...

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EXERCISE, COMPETITIVE SPORT, OVER-TRAINING, AND MENTAL HEALTH athletic performance autonomic balance biofeedback biomarkers hrv mental health overtraining Aug 15, 2022

Exercise at mild or moderate levels is beneficial to your physical and mental health. Unfortunately, all the benefits will not occur if the training load is increased beyond a certain point. Overreaching is good; athletes must stress the body above what is required for general fitness to...

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PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY AND BIOFEEDBACK; HOW DOES IT WORK TO IMPROVE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE? biofeedback training change thoughts emotional reaction mental skills mental training mindset peak performance sport psychophysiology stress management Jul 15, 2022

Psychophysiology is the science that looks at the interactions between the bodily and mental processes in conjunction with the environment. For example, if you are undertrained, and you need to compete today under challenging conditions (long match and against a strong opponent), of course, you...

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MENTAL TRAINING OR THERAPY: WHAT DO I NEED? athletes mental health athletic performance mental mental health mental training mindset psychology psychology today relaxation sport psychologists Jun 15, 2022

Performance Psychology is not the same as Clinical Sport Psychology; however, both are under the field of Sport, Performance, and Exercise Psychology. The performance psychology specialist (mental coach) addresses the main variables that influence athletic performance, and you will learn mental...

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DIRECTING YOUR ATTENTION TO WHAT IS RELEVANT TO PERFORMANCE athletic performance attention concentration control what you can control focus mental skills mental training performance routines May 15, 2022

Let’s start with an example that happened during a bodyboarding competition in Portugal.

The event had a record number of participants in the men’s division. The competition schedule was tight, and all the athletes had to stay on the beach because the event would run until the last...

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ACHIEVING YOUR VALUES-DRIVEN GOALS completing goals create goals goals mental skills mental training values Apr 15, 2022

To be more successful at completing your goals, those goals must be connected to your values. Values are the principles or standards that you follow in your life. What do you value most? What are the personal qualities and character strengths you want to cultivate? Goals are something you want...

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WHAT IS MENTAL TRAINING? Train your mind in sports athletic performance life skills mental performance trainer mental skills mental training mindset training performance psychology sports psychology professional Feb 15, 2022

Mental Training is the science of “Psychology” applied to enhance athletic performance. There are many factors influencing performance, and the mental performance professional will perform an investigation of what is hurting performance and teach psychological skills (mental skills)...

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